Oncology Massage & Complimentary Care

I provide Oncology Massage to clients in Counties Longford, Cavan, Leitrim and Westmeath.

Oncology Massage is a specially designed combination of various therapies specifically designed for people living with cancer.

Cancer patients may experience feelings of isolation, fear, anxiety and worry which can be alleviated and/or assisted through a medium of touch. Massage can help ease the stress experienced by cancer patients.

Reduced stress levels have been shown to be beneficial for the immune system so a properly performed oncology massage can be extremely beneficial for the patient to strengthen his/her body. Scientific studies show that cancer patients receiving massage have lower anxiety scores. Patients report the release of muscle tension can lead to pain relief. Feelings of deep relaxation and wholeness are most commonly reported.

Pressure is very gentle because the skin is very often compromised during chemo/radiation treatments. The position for massage will be modified to suit the client.

The Irish Cancer Society endorses complimentary therapies such as oncology massage, reflexology, meditation & visualisation. Some hospitals offer these treatments to cancer patients.

Pauline has trained with the NTTC in October 2010 & May 2012 tutor Gayle McDonald M.S. L.M.T. author of ‘Medicine Hands’ & ‘Massage for People living with Cancer’ (& Massage for the hospital patient and medically frail client)  Pauline has also trained in the LARC centre in Dublin in Cancer Care Reflexology.  She has worked with cancer patients in the LARCC centre and worked with nurses and therapists from Our Lady’s Hospice, Harolds Cross.

It is true that cancer & cancer treatments limit the massage choices. But within those limits, there are many rich and creative possibilities for touch.

Those who can receive Oncology Massage are –

  • Patients receiving Chemotherapy & Radiation Treatments.
  • Pre & Post Surgical Cancer (as advised by doc)
  • Cancer Patients in remission.
  • Patients with Lymph nodes removed.

Full Medical history is taken. The integrated medical & complimentary treatments can work more effectively together if the body & mind are kept calm and stress free as possible.

‘The Loving Touch, like music, often utters the things that cannot be spoken’

For further details contact Pauline on 086 3784747